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The bread and butter of J-Dubz Boot Camp. 90 camp classes, at 6 different time slots, with three different trainers. Click the button below for our latest schedule! Prices shown are for unlimited camps!

Pricing is as follows:

12 month membership: $105 a month

6 month membership: $120 a month

Month to Month, no contract $139

***Please see the bottom of this page for more important boot camp information!***

Personal training

Boot Camp not providing enough one on one attention, personal training may be a better way to obtain your fitness goals!

1 month = 10- 45 min sessions: $550

2 months = 20- 45 min sessions: $500 a month

3 months = 30- 45 min sessions: $450 a month

6 months = 60- 46 min sessions: $400 a month

12 months = 120- 45 min sessions: $350 a month

The 2, 3, 6 and 42 month plans have pay in full options at a 10% discount.

Refer a friend to our personal training programs and receive a $75 camp credit. 

(Have to sign up for 2 or more months to receive the camp credit)

Bigger discount for more athletes in the class. As of December 1st you can book your classes online here on our website based on trainer availability.


(ATHLETe's Fundamental training)

Have a young athlete at home who wants to get to the next level? This is where he needs to be, our AFT programs will get your athlete on the team!

Max of three(3) clients at a given training time

Pricing is monthly, per athlete, 1 hour classes:


                1 athlete   2 athlete's  3 athlete's

 1 month     $450         $400           $350

 2 months    $400         $350          $300    

 3 months    $350         $300          $250

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More info

Boot Camp- Your first time out to camp is always free! We will just ask you to sign a liability waiver and you are good to go. If you are still undecided about camp after that your second time out is only $5. Then it goes to our regular drop in rate of $15 a camp. When you sign a friend up and you are on a 6 or 12 month contract with us, you get a free month of camp per person you bring out and they sign a 6 or 12 month contract themselves. The free months are applied to your last month of bootcamp in your current contract. If you are outside your contract you get the free month the next full month of billing, as long as it is over 15 days to the next bill date.

Personal Training- 10 sessions must be used in one month, can not spread to multiple months.

AFT- Focuses on Athletic Strength Training and Speed, Agility Quickness Training. Contact us by mail for more info!

(210) 900-DUBZ(3829)

18838 FM 2252 Suite #600 San Antonio TX United States 78266

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